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Wildlife Technology was founded in 2010 by Stamps Howard and Kala Mulqueeny.

The objecteive of Wildlife Technology is to apply technology to conserve and protect wildlife. This includes web-based technologies, iPhone apps, and iPad apps. It also includes stragic use of the internet-based media, through op-eds, newspaper articles, and other publications.

Leveraging technology, the media, and other resources helps in strategically critical situations provides high quality results.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, or how to get involved, please contact William S. Howard with one of the following ways:

  • William S Howard
  • Phone: +1 (770) 331 - 2283
  • Email:
  • OR

    Go contact us through the Stability Technology contact page here.


    Credits for site include as follows:

    Seamus McCombs - web protrammer and designer of the webiste.

    Alicia Howard - graphic design of the website.

    Anna Oposa - Materials in the Philippine Shark section

    All photos were taken by William S. Howard, Kala Mulqueeny, Alicia Howard, or Caroline Howard