Manta Rays

Manta Rays are a beautiful and majestic creature, the birds of the ocean! They are a huge attraction to divers and tourists alike. unfortunately they are indanger due to over-fishing and neglect. The people at wildlife technology work tirelessly to bring them back and, slowly but surely, are succeeding!


International Trade of Manta Rays

Nov 18. 2012

Manta rays - a charismatic and valuable marine species - are experiencing drastic decline across Southeast Asia due to trade-driven unsustainable fisheries. more

Manta Ray Fishing in Thailand

Nov 18. 2012

The manta ray — a valuable ocean resource — is in drastic decline across Southeast Asia. more

Manta Trade in Sri Lanka

Nov 18. 2012

Last week, one of us spoke at the Lakshman Kadirgarmar Institute's important event titled 'The hidden gold mine of Sri Lanka's ocean resources.' The "maduwa" – or Oceanic Manta Ray – is one such valuable Sri Lankan ocean resource. The talk raised its drastic decline in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. more

Historic Results from CITES 2013: Protection for the Manta Rays